Monday, January 23, 2012

Silver Back - Dallas, TX

One of my dream trips would be a trip into the hear of Africa to track the elusive Mountain Gorilla. I honestly don't know if this will ever happen so I am thrilled that the Dallas Zoo has an unbelievable exhibit that displays these magnificent giants in a very natural habitat. Even at the zoo there is no guarantee you will get a good view of these guys as they have made sure it is flush with vegetation. They however do their best to give you nice observation platforms should they wish to venture out. I was lucky and was able to catch this male walking along the grass.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Marching On - Burton, TX

I know I am not posting very often and I really don't know why...I have gone through these spells before and I always tell myself I will pick it back up. In all honesty I am not so sure I will ever get back to a new image every day. I have set a goal of 2 every month to share 24 images a year with my followers. I have two lined up for January already and I will start with this image. This year was my first year to begin deer hunting. While the gun sat by my side no bullets ever left the chamber. Instead the only success this year were some great images of some deer walking through the pasture by my blind. Restrictions in Washington County kept me from shooting any does or young bucks but I was still happy with the images none the less. The fact that I was in a deer blind let me get really close to the deer and capture this image with only a 70-200mm lens. The early morning light was perfect and I got some great images.