Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Island Beauty - St. John, USVI

I honestly don't think you can find a more beautiful place than St. John in the US Virgin Islands.  Around every corner you can find views like this.  Sometimes you have to go off the main roads but even if you don't these views are everywhere.  So if you are ever in St. John, to see this go just past Hawksnest Beach and on the left you will see a pull over to Peace Hill.  A short hike to the top gives you this breathtaking view looking east.  The beach on the right of the frame is Maho Beach and beyond this you are looking at Francis Bay.  It was an unbelievably clear day and beyond Francis Bay you can see Tortola of the the British Virgin Islands


  1. Very, very nice! I assume that you were back recently... even nicer!

  2. St Johns is a beautiful place! Just spectacular! Love St Thomas also!!! Nice photo!!!

  3. Thanks All! lots more photos I will post soon!


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