Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Father - Georgetown, TX

Happy Fathers day to all the fathers out there. Whether it is your first fathers day or another of many. What you have instilled in your children will be with them forever so make the most of every day and cherish everyone. This father redbird started his new family this spring inside a chandelier that hangs on our back porch and I was lucky to capture this photo as dad came back to the nest to check on his new babies. Red Birds carry a special place in the hearts of my wife and her family. Her grandfather Oliver Whitener was always fond of the Redbirds that lived in the trees outside his house and loved to sit and watch them fly about. When he passed away most of the family agrees that his spirit is still very alive in these birds and every time we see one it is hard not to think of him. So when this Redbird family decided to make there home right on our back door step it was very special and I could not think of a better photograph to post today on fathers day.

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  1. Jason:

    Great photos. Call me when you can to discuss using your photos on my website. 512-563-7093.
    Thanks, Joseph Aubin


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