Thursday, June 9, 2011

Family Gathering - Dallas, TX

Man how time gets away from me. I know that if I continue to go long stretches without updating my blog those who visit regularly will move on else where. So I am going to try my best to get on here and update more often. The good news is I have a nice size collection of images that are just waiting to go up. Last month I took a trip with the family to the Dallas Zoo. I always get just as excited as my 5 year old daughter about a trip to the zoo. I know any trip to the zoo will be a photographic bonanza! This trip did not disappoint. The challenge is balancing my need to stay and wait for just the right image and the families desire to move on to the next part of the zoo. This was the case at the chimpanzee exhibit at the newwy opened Wilds of Afica Exhibit. I could of stayed here all day photographing these guys hanging out and playing. When you go to a zoo and want to photograph patience is key. The key is to set up from a position that has a nice clean background and then wait for the scene to come to you. In this photograph I had to wait a good while to get the juvenile to show its face from up out of the grass while also waiting for one of the adults to turn their head. Of about 25 frames this is the only one in which 2 of the 3 faces were visible. I would have stayed longer but with a 5 year old it was time to go see the elephants!

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