Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cotton - Burton, TX

WOW! what happened to March. I went over a month without a single post. I hope I did not lose to many of my fans who visit this blog on a regular basis. Time has indeed gotten away from me. A combination of work and family is what mainly kept me from working on photographs and writing on my blog. I didn't spend this entire time away from my camera, but my most of my work for everyone took a back seat to shooting my favorite subjects, my two girls! This time of year also is typically full of wildflower photos on my blog but the drought Texas is in has made the flowers less then stellar. There were a few good places to find them but my regular spots were not at all up to par. I did however make an appearance at the annual Burton Cotton Gin Festival again this year and took the time to make some photos inside this historic gin. I have many other photos from the gin but this is my first post from inside. This gin is a Texas historical landmark and is full of history, but rather then bore you here I will just provide you a link and let you simply enjoy the photograph.

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I would love to hear your thoughts on my photos, like it, hate it, or anything at all you would like to add.