Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Work in Progress - Burton, TX

Lets take a little break from the snow pictures and turn our thoughts toward spring. This image was shot at the Burton Cotton Gin in Burton Texas. A location that has been featured many times before on my blog. Each spring Burton holds a festival to raise money for this historic gin and part of the money goes toward repairing historic engines that used to power gins across Texas. This particular engine is a Waukesha engine, circa 1950, that powered the Cotton Gin at DaCosa, Texas near Victoria. The gin was to be torn down but the engine was saved by the Burton Cotton Gin Museum with the goal of restoring it. So next time you are on Texas Hwy 290 between Austin and Houston stop off at this little town just west of Brenham and stop by this historic gin. It is the perfect place to stretch your legs a bit.

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