Saturday, February 26, 2011

Under the Moonlight - Deer Valley, UT

While in Utah we were blessed with some beautiful clear days and nights. This is perfect if you want to capture the full moon rising over the mountains as I did in this photograph below. We were all tucked away and cozy after a long day of skiing so I did not venture far to capture this photo but when we saw the moon coming up over the mountains outside our window I knew I had to tray and find a good close by place to photograph it. I was not about to go tromping a long way away in frigid temperatures. I found this location atop the crest of the road that ran in front of where we were staying and there was a perfect row of houses with just enough lights on to make for a nice winter scene. This photograph was made by shooting multiple exposures including one just for the moon and then blending them all together to make the final image. The lighting and exposure on this image was a real challenge with trying to balance moonlight, city lights, and the light coming off the snow. It took about 20 or so shots before I felt like I had the right 3 exposure sequence (F11, with an 8 sec, 2sec, 30 sec exposures shot at 70mm ) and then the 4th nailed down for the moon (f13 1/30 sec). I hope you all like the final result.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous shot, Jason! You really nailed this one, especially with the moon.

  2. Oh NICE one! Looks like a little village beyond in another time period to me. Really like the light, and color. Well done!


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