Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Heaven's Light - Noack TX

This is a little church off Hwy 12 east of Georgetown in Noack Texas. I drive this route several times a year and I am always inspired as I drive by this church. On a clear day you can see the black steeple from miles away as you meander down a two lane highway between acres and acres of corn fields. From a distance this church appears to be off the highway but soon you round a bend and there it sits. Its not a grand cathedral by any means but the simple beauty goes extremely well with the simple landscape that surrounds it. The church's neighbors are nothing more than corn fields and clouds. I have to assume the community is much like the church and its surroundings, simple and content where they are. I photographed this church about a year ago but decided to make another rendition of the photograph using a new program for my phone. Yep that's right this photo was created on my phone. I downloaded a new app from Trey Ratcliff called 100 cameras in 1 which allows you to apply several textures and effects on top of your photos. On this app you have over 100 different effects you can apply. I have enjoyed this application very much and have even started a new gallery that features nothing but art created from my phone. It has opened up so many more possibilities for my work. The best thing about this program is the price. Unlike your full PC programs that can run you hundreds of dollars, this application cost $1.99. You most likely will see many more photos created with this application on my blog in the near future.


  1. I think I remember this photo from a year ago. It was one heck of a dramatic picture. Ironically enough, I featured an old church in Nacogdoches today. I recently moved from Arizona to Nacogdoches but I've been following your blog for the past year plus. Someday I hope my photos are as nice as yours!

  2. I love it and the color almost looks llike sepia...beautiful. It looks like it has a lot of stories to share...Well done Patricia

  3. I swear I will never live long enough to learn about all these new iPhone camera and processing apps! I'm only just now struggling to learn Lightroom 3 and have no idea how long it will take me to proficient enough with it to not struggle every time I try to do something with one of my images!

    Great treatment! Very old world master in appearance. :-)

  4. Victoria that is what is great about the Iphone apps they are not nearly as complicated as a full version of lightroom. For $1.99 all the hard work si done for you.


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