Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lets Go Rangers! - Round Rock, TX

WOW I am so sorry I just realized it has been over a month since my last post. I hope I did not lose too many readers. I promise to try to get back on track and post more often. Of course I have a good excuse based on my previous post. I have had this image in the archives for a few months and I think it is very appropriate to post now. The image below is an HDR photograph I shot while photographing a Round Rock Express Game. Given I was in the photo well I had a unique angle to be able to capture the goings on inside the dugout during the game. Baseball is so full of unwritten rules and superstitions and you may not know it but this picture captures just that. That guy all by himself on the bench that looks like he is not very well liked. Well that is the pitcher. It is known around baseball that as long as the pitcher is in the game you leave him alone. You don't say a word you let him sit there all by himself as to avoid any distractions and to focus solely on what he has to do as soon as his team has made their third out.
Also the Round Rock Express are now officially the triple A affiliate of the Texas Rangers so this photo has a round about way connection to the fact the Rangers just made the World Series for the first time in their franchise history. I grew up in Dallas playing baseball as a kid and my team was the Rangers. i spent many a summer days sitting on the 201 degree metal bleachers in the outfield of the old Arlington Stadium rooting them on year after year. I was even one of the lucky fans to be there win Nolan Ryan pummelled Robin Ventura and again when he pitched his 3000th strikeout. Now if the Rangers can get to a game 5 I am fortunate I will be in the stands for their first World Series. If this happens you can expect some photos from the experience to show up here so check back. Lets Go Rangers!