Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Friday Night Lights are On! - Cedar Park, TX

Last night was a National Holiday in Texas. Yes I do understand the irony in that last statement but it is true. Yesterday was the kickoff of High School Football across the state of Texas. Friday Night Lights as it is called across the state. Young boys suit up to clash on the gridiron against cross town and cross state rivals. I was witness to the cross town match up between the Westwood Warriors of Austin and the Cedar Park Timberwolves. Here are a few of the shots from yesterday.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Debut - Round Rock, TX

I was very lucky the other day when the Round Rock Leader sent an email asking if I was available to shoot the Express baseball game Tuesday night. I happen to be open so accepted the assignment. On the mound that night was Jordan Lyles, the 19 yr old pitching phenom and top prospect for the Houston Astros, making his Tripple-A debut. In the end it was less than a stellar night for Jordan, but based on his 9 strikeouts, I imagine it will only be a short stint in Round Rock. For my work I was rewarded with a half page spread in the paper. I have posted the three images they ran.. Of all the images I shot, my favorite is the third, as it captures the emotion and thoughts going through Justin head as he thinks about what has transpired. Like any top tier athlete, this emotion is short lived. He will shake it off and most likely pitch a gem during his next outing. Shooting tonight made me think about some of the other big dogs that I have been fortunate to photograph from the photo well at Dell Diamond and at the top of the list is Hunter Pence. I may not be on the sidelines of the big venues or the pro sidelines but I actually quite love just where I am

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

George - Milano, TX

Street portraits are always very challenging to me but also some of my most rewarding work. There is something about approaching a complete stranger in an everyday scene and asking them to pose for a portrait. These portraits to me capture the everyday man. The folks you pass on the street everyday and pay no attention to. They all have stories and a portrait of these folks tells a unique story every time. George works and helps run the My Flea Market. A eclectic store composed of several colorfully painted buildings that is just off the highway 79 in Milano, TX. When talking to George he was very proud of the store, the friends he worked with and the work he had done to make this little place more inviting and interesting. It is a place you almost have to stop to look at when driving along the highway. At My Flea Market you can find everything from gorgeous Mexican pottery to a plastic light up Winne the Pooh. It is a place full of interesting things and even more interesting people like George.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunset on the San Gabriel - Georgetown, TX

A few weeks ago I was sitting at home and looking out our back window. It was about one hour until sunset and I thought conditions were going to pan out for a pretty nice sunset. I packed the gear up and headed to one of my more photographed locations on the San Gabriel river. Conditions turned out as expected with some high clouds and zero wind that made the river almost appear to be a pane of glass. The lack of wind makes for nice reflections on the water. To make this photo I waded into the middle of the river and set up my tripod in the water and took three bracketed photos to make and HDR of the scene. The HDR processing really brings out the rocks under the water and of course makes sunsets spectacular.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Snow's BBQ - Lexington, TX

First it was the best Barbecue in Texas voted by Texas Monthly, and now TLC just voted it the "Best Food EVER!" This little hidden gem about an hr outside of Austin is Snow's BBQ. They are located in Lexington, TX pop. 1,178. and these awards ain't no joke! You can take the big bbq joints and toss them aside as there is no comparison to the delicious food that comes out of this small little building just off the main street in Lexington. Not sure what the secret it but I bet money it is the dedication and passion these folks put in to every piece of meet they smoke up. They don't worry about quantity but rather quality. Owner Kerry Bexley and Pit Master Ms Tootsie fire up the giant pit you see below every Saturday morning at 3AM and then open the doors to the mouth watering patrons waiting in line at 8AM. They then promptly close the doors as soon as the food runs out. So if you were looking for a late BBQ lunch you can forget about Snows because with the line wrapped down the porch at 8AM the food is running on scraps by 11:30 and out by 12:00 in most cases. My suggestion is to show up early and order some brisket for breakfast and a slab of brisket to go, because it is just impossible to not taste this BBQ after waiting in line and seeing and smelling the plates that come out before you. For the brisket to go they will wrap it up for you uncut and when you arrive home and unwrapped the foil and slice it up it will still taste just as good as if it just came off the pit. This is one place you have to try and go if you are in and around the Lexington area. the photo below is just part of the huge pit built for snows. The photo is a 3 shot HDR converted to black and white with selective coloring added into the lettering. Next time I will try to provide a picture of the food!