Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Full Moon Champions - Austin, TX

It has been awhile folks! Sorry it has been a busy month for me as I took on a new job at work, and have been busy this summer taking some vacation and taking a lot of photos. I wanted to get a new photo up and the University of Texas photos seem to be pretty popular. This image was shot from a parking garage I saw from the top of Dolby, I thought it would be the best vantage point to capture the Tower and full moon. It was indeed a great vantage point off to the west side of Guadalupe St. This was shot at 200mm to give the image a compressed look. The problem however became properly exposing for both the moon and Tower. I ended up making a composite image that was composed of a single image of the moon which was then blended in with a 5 shot HDR of the tower and buildings. This definitely falls under the realm of photo manipulation, but as simply a piece of art that is ok. This image does however capture the scene as I saw it on that night.